Data Tech Inc Case Study

CASE: Data Tech, Inc.Data Tech, Inc. is a small but growing company started by Jef Styles. Data Tech is a business that transFers hard copies oF documents, such as invoices, bills, or mailing lists, onto CDs. As more companies move to a paperless environment, placing data on CDs is the wave oF the Future. Jef had started the company in his two-car garage three years earlier by purchasing the necessary so±ware and signing two large corpora²ons as his ³rst customers. Now he was about to sign on two addi²onal corporate customers. Suddenly what was a small garage opera²on was turning into a major business.The BusinessThe opera²ons Func²on oF Data Tech seems decep²vely simple. Every day Data Tech receives packages oF mail From corporate customers containing documents they want transFerred to disc. Data Tech usually receives anywhere From 10,000 to 30,000 pieces oF mail per day that need to be processed. The ³rst steprequires workers to unpack and sort the mail received. Next, workers scan each item through one oF two scanning machines that transFer content to disc. An accuracy check is then made to ensure that inForma²on was transFerred correctly. This stage is par²cularly important as many oF the documents contain important private inForma²on. ´inally, the discs and the documents are packaged and sent back to the customer, with Data Tech keeping a backup disc For its records.The Need For Capacity and Reloca²onRunning a Full-²me business out oF his two-car garage is a challenge For Jef Styles. Jef has spent a great deal oF ²me ensuring that the opera²on oF Data Tech runs smoothly without any boµlenecks. He has been successFul, and his two original customers have just signed long-term contracts with him. In addi²on, he has acquired two addi²onal customers. This means that Data Tech needs to move to a largerFacility that could accommodate the larger size oF the business.Jef has narrowed his search to three poten²al loca²ons. He has iden²³ed the Factors that are important to him and rated each loca²on considering a number oF criteria. Some Factors are especially important, such as proximity to the postal service that delivers the daily packages. Another is closeness to the airport, as Jef Frequently travels to customer loca²ons.A Factor that is par²cularly troubling For Jef is the issue oF capacity. Two oF the loca²ons he is considering are larger than he currently needs and ofer excess growth capacity. The third loca²on wouldmeet current capacity needs but would not ofer ample room For expansion. He doesn’t know which a beµer strategy is. In his list oF Factor weights Jef has made spaces For both capacity op²ons, giving himselF some ²me to think about the issues.The inForma²on that Jef has compiled is shown in the table.


Context Media needed to source a new technology service provider that could support their digital media solutions rollout for national health care providers. Previous challenges with prior provider were:

  • Lack of visibility
  • Inattention to results
  • Poor scheduling adherence

The new service provider would need to provide a higher level of service than the previous vendor (and do so at a highly competitive price point), by consistently meeting or exceeding the high standards of quality which are expected in their client’s health care facilities.

“Your scheduling team has just made the Guinness Book of World Records! Thank you so much!”
– Kristina Sciazko (ContextMedia)


MTI Global Services was awarded the business after multiple pilot rollouts.
Key areas of exceeding Context Media’s Expectations:

  • Scheduling Compliance
  • Check-in Compliance & Visibility
  • First Visit Completion & Quality
  • Email / Schedule Request Responsiveness
  • Short-turn/Urgent Schedule Requests
  • Top Quality Workmanship & Customer Service

MTI Global Services has been willing and able to address the underlying concerns that ContextMedia had with their previous provider. By using state-of-the-art tools, and creating dynamic and meaningful processes that generated both transparency and accountability, MTI Global Services provided the solutions needed for a complex process representing ContextMedia for their clients.


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