Dissertation Abstract International And Nguyen D 2002 Developing And Evaluation

Division of Materials Science and Engineering
Jeem MELBERT (D), Submerged Photo-synthesis of ZnO nanorods and their Opto-electrical properties (download)
Ryan Dula CORPUZ (D), Chemical and Physical Synthesis of Cationically Charged Photoluminescent Noble Metal Nanoclusters (download)
Chaomei LIU (M), Effect of catalyst on hydrogen desorption in hydrogen storage material (download)
Julalak YOOLERD (M), Encapsulation of Al-based microspheres for high temperature thermal energy storage (download)
Division of Mechanical and Space Engineering
Delburg Panes MITCHAO (M), Preliminary Thermal Design of Micro-satellites Deployed from Japan Experimental Module Small Satellite Orbital Deployer (download)
Landon Thomas KAMPS (M), Reconstruction Techniques for Evaluating Fuel Mass Consumption and Nozzle Throat Erosion in Hybrid Rockets (download)
Division of Human Mechanical Systems and Design
Santoshi SAHA (M), Deformation Analysis of Aluminum (Al) Based Composite Materials Containing Graphite and Carbon Fiber (download)
Division of Quantum Science and Engineering
CHAN, Poh Kam (D), Study on quantum mechanical drift motion and expansion of variance of a charged particle in non-uniform electromagnetic fields (download)
Division of Field Engineering for the Environment
Jagriti MISHRA (D), Erosion in Bedrock and Alluvial Meanders through Two Dimensional Numerical Models, Laboratory Experiments and Field Observations (download)
Jinyuan WANG (D), Laboratory study on mechanical properties of frozen clay through state concept (download)
Srikrishnan SIVA SUBRAMANIAN (D), Numerical modelling and geomechanical analyses of soil slope stability evaluation in seasonal cold regions (download)
Binh Thanh NGUYEN (M), Effect evaluation of grass on infiltration and seepage of volcanic soil ground (download)
Randulph Paulo Bernabe MORALES (M), Combined Effects of Local Slope and Pressure Gradient on Bed Instability (download)
Sristi Das GUPTA (M), Monitoring of the Corrosion of Reinforcing Steel Bar in RC Slab by Electrochemical Method (download)
Division of Engineering and Policy for Sustainable Environment
Pengru DENG (D), Fracture Mechanics Based Fatigue Life Prediction Method for RC Slabs in a Punching Shear Failure Mode (download)
Rahmat ULLAH (D), Mechanical behavior of reinforced concrete beams with locally corroded shear reinforcement (download)
Shanya ORASUTTHIKUL (D), Rehabilitation of corrosion damaged reinforced concrete beams with recycled nylon fiber reinforced sprayed polymer cement mortar (download)
Teeranai SRIMAHACHOTA (M), Experimental Study on the Dynamics of Washboard Road on Various Surfaces (download)
Thanakit VORAVUTVITYARUK (M), Behavior of Concrete Confined by Jute Natural Fiber Reinforced Polymer with Heat Treatment (download)
Division of Environmental Engineering
Benedicte Carolle Wind-Yam NIKIEMA (D), Development of a system for nutrients recovery from hydrolyzed urine by forward osmosis concentration
Kalahe Panditha Koralage Mohan AMARASIRI (D), Human enteric virus removal from wastewater: Contribution of specific interaction (download)
Lin GAO (M), Biological Hydroxylamine Disproportionation Mediated by Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation Bacteria (download)
Rimana Islam PAPRY (M), Influence of Anodic Respiration on SMP Production and Consequent Membrane Fouling of Fouling Causing Bacteria (download)
Division of Sustainable Resources Engineering
Khandala KHAMPHILA (D), Comparison of adsorption and post-adsorption behavior of oxyanions between ferrihydrite and schwertmannite (download)
Nadeeka Dilrukshi RANASINGHA ARACHCHILLAGE (D), Low environmental impact type ground improvement methods using biomineral precipitation (download)
Pawit TANGVIROON (D), Study on the Effects of Covering and Adsorption layers on Immobilizing Arsenic from Hydrothermally Altered Rock (download)
Cedric MBA ALLOGO (M), Comparative leaching behaviour of Manganese from manganese ores
Chimwemwe Nelson BANDAZI (M), Measurement and analysis of rock slope displacement at Higashi Shikagoe limestone quarry, Japan (download)
Rongrit PONGSUMRANKUL (M), Improvement of gold leaching from crushed electronic wastes by physical separation techniques (download)
Thao Thi Phuong NGUYEN (M), Redox potential dependence of chalcopyrite leaching in acidic ferric chloride solutions (download)
Vothy HORNN (M), oil agglomeration-flotation of finely ground chalcopyrite (download)




PhD Dissertations in the Area of Software Engineering

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Those interested in PhD dissertations in the area of software engineering may also be want to review Tao Xie's Software Engineering Academic Genealogy.



Sridhar Chimalakonda. A Software Engineering Approach For Design Of Educational Technologies. International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad (Feb 3 2017, advisor: Kesav V. Nori). Abstract.

Amin Milani Fard. Directed test generation and analysis for web applications. University of British Columbia (Jan 27 2017, advisor: Ali Mesbah). Abstract.

Asim Abdulkhaleq. A System-Theoretic Safety Engineering Approach For Software-Intensive Systems. University of Stuttgart, Institute of Software Technology (Jun 2, 2017, advisor: Stefan Wagner). Abstract.

Sami Alajrami. Software Development In The Post-Pc Era: Towards Software Development As A Service. Newcastle University (May 4, 2017, advisor: Alexander Romanovsky). Abstract.

Catarina Costa. Recommending Developers For Collaborative Merge Sessions. Fluminense Federal University (Jun 28, 2017, advisor: Leonardo Gresta Paulino Murta). Abstract.

Ahmad Nauman Ghazi. Structuring Exploratory Testing Through Test Charter Design And Decision Support. Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden (Jun 1, 2017, advisor: Kai Petersen). Abstract.

Fabio Palomba. Code Smells: Relevance Of The Problem And Novel Detection Techniques. University of Salerno (Apr 20, 2017, advisor: Andrea De Lucia). Abstract.

Alireza Rouhi. Presenting A Process For Generating A Pattern Language Verifier. University of Isfahan (Sep 2, 2017, advisor: Bahman Zamani). Abstract.

Jonas Westman. Specifying Safety-Critical Heterogeneous Systems Using Contracts Theory. ITM/Machine Design (Feb 22, 2017, advisor: Mattias Nyberg). Abstract.

Andrea Stocco. Automatic Page Object Generation To Support E2E Testing Of Web Applications. University of Genoa, Italy (Apr 12, 2017, advisor: Filippo Ricca). Abstract.

Jean Melo. Variability Bugs: Program And Programmer Perspective. IT University of Copenhagen (Aug 31, 2017, advisor: Claus Brabrand). Abstract.


Michail Famelis. Managing Design-Time Uncertainty In Software Models. University of Toronto (Jan 15, 2016, advisor: Marsha Chechik). Abstract.

Ahmad Jbara. Regularity Of Code: A New Structural Property And Its Effect On Code Complexity And Comprehension. Hebrew University (Jul 2016, advisor: Dror Feitelson). Abstract.

Jan Kurs. Parsing For Agile Modeling. University of Bern (Oct 25, 2016, advisor: Oscar Nierstrasz). Abstract.

Breno Miranda. Redefining And Evaluating Coverage Criteria Based On The Testing Scope. University of Pisa (Oct 6, 2016, advisor: Antonia Bertolino). Abstract.

Andrea Caracciolo. A Unified Approach To Architecture Conformance Checking. University of Bern (Mar 2016, advisor: Oscar Nierstrasz). Abstract.

Niko Mäkitalo. On Programmable Interactions: Principles, Concepts And Challenges Of Co-Located And Social Interplay. Tampere University of Technology (Jun 15, 2016, advisor: Tommi Mikkonen). Abstract.


Maria Christakis. Narrowing the Gap between Verification and Systematic Testing. ETH Zurich (Sep 21 2015, advisor: Peter Muller). Abstract.

Yepang Liu. Automated Analysis of Energy Efficiency and Execution Performance for Mobile Applications. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Nov 20 2015, advisor: Shing-Chi Cheung). Abstract.

Markus Borg. From Bugs to Decision Support - Leveraging Historical Issue Reports in Software Evolution. Lund University (May 8, 2015, advisor: Per Runeson). Abstract.

Marcelo Schots de Oliveira. On The Use Of Visualization For Supporting Software Reuse. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Dec 15, 2015, advisor: Cláudia Maria Lima Werner). Abstract.

Nauman bin Ali. Operationalization Of Lean Thinking Through Value Stream Mapping With Simulation And Flow. Blekinge Institute of Technology (Jun 5, 2015, advisor: Claes Wohlin). Abstract.

Phu H. Nguyen. Model-Driven Security With Modularity And Reusability For Engineering Secure Software Systems. University of Luxembourg (Sep 10, 2015, advisor: Yves Le Traon). Abstract.

Gustavo Pinto. A Refactoring Approach To Improve Energy Consumption Of Parallel Software Systems. UFPE (Feb 24, 2015, advisor: Fernando José Castor de Lima Filho). Abstract.

Anas Shatnawi. Supporting Reuse By Reverse Engineering Software Architecture And Component From Object-Oriented Product Variants And Apis. LIRMM/University of Montpellier (Jun 29, 2015, advisor: Abdelhak Djamel Seriai). Abstract.

Rodrigo Souza. Inappropriate Software Changes: Rejection And Rework. Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) (Jul 17, 2015, advisor: Christina von Flach Garcia Chavez). Abstract.


Ivan Machado. Fault model-based variability testing. Federal University of Bahia (Jul 21 2014, advisor: Eduardo Santana de Almeida). Abstract.

Xusheng Xiao. Cooperative Testing and Analysis via Informed Decision Making. North Carolina State University (Jun 13 2014, advisor: Tao Xie and Laurie Williams). Abstract.


Joshua Sunshine. Protocol Programmability. Carnegie Mellon University (Dec 2013, advisor: Jonathan Aldrich). Abstract.

Jeff Huang. Effective Methods for Debugging Concurrent Software. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (May 31 2013, advisor: Charles Zhang). Abstract.

Baishakhi Ray. Analysis of Cross-System Porting and Porting Errors in Software Projects. University of Texas at Austin (Aug 19 2013, advisor: Miryung Kim). Abstract.

Tristan Ravitch. Inferred Interface Glue: Supporting Language Interoperability with Static Analysis. University of Wisconsin-Madison (Aug 20 2013, advisor: Ben Liblit). Abstract.

Kathryn Stolee. Solving the Search for Source Code. University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Jan 1 2013, advisor: Sebastian Elbaum). Abstract.


Norbert Siegmund. Measuring and Predicting Non-Functional Properties of Customizable Programs. University of Magdeburg (Nov 27 2012, advisor: Gunter Saake). Abstract.

Janet Siegmund. Framework for Measuring Program Comprehension. University of Magdeburg (Nov 27 2012, advisor: Gunter Saake). Abstract.

Kai Pan. Constraint-based generation of database states for testing database applications. University of North Carolina at Charlotte (Dec 2012, advisor: Xintao Wu). Abstract.

Domenico Bianculli. Open-world software: Specification, verification, and beyond. Università della Svizzera italiana (Jul 18 2012, advisor: Carlo Ghezzi). Abstract.

Taneja Kunal. Quality Assurance of Database Centric Applications. North Carolina State University (Nov 7 2012, advisor: Tao Xie). Abstract.

Iman Saleh. The Formal Specification and Verification of Data-Centric Web Services. Virginia Tech (Feb 10 2012, advisor: Gregory W. Kulczycki). Abstract.

Michael Würsch. A Query Framework for Software Evolution Data. University of Zurich (Sep 2012, advisor: Harald C. Gall). Abstract.

Michael Pradel. Program Analyses for Automatic and Precise Error Detection. ETH Zurich, Department of Computer Science (Dec 2012, advisor: Thomas R. Gross). Abstract.

Cindy Rubio González. Finding Error-Propagation Bugs in Large Software Systems Using Static Analysis. University of Wisconsin Madison (Aug 2012, advisor: Ben Liblit). Abstract.

Piramanayagam Arumuga Nainar. Applications of Static Analysis and Program Structure in Statistical Debugging. University of Wisconsin - Madison (Aug 24 2012, advisor: Ben Liblit). Abstract.

Aldeida Aleti. An Adaptive Approach to Controlling Parameters of Evolutionary Algorithms. Swinburne University of Technology (Jul 23 2012, advisor: Lars Grunske). Abstract.

Pamela Bhattacharya. Quantitative decision-making in software engineering. University of California, Riverside (Jun 15 2012, advisor: Iulian Neamtiu). Abstract.

Matthias Hert. RDF-based Read and Write Access to Relational Databases. University of Zurich (Apr 2012, advisor: Harald C. Gall). Abstract.

Ekwa Duala-Ekoko. Using Structure-Based Recommendations to Facilitate API Learnability. McGill University (May 2012, advisor: Martin Robillard). Abstract.

Indika Meedeniya. Architecture Optimisation of Embedded Systems under Uncertainty in Probabilistic Reliability Evaluation Model Parameters. Swinburne University of Technology (Jul 17 2012, advisor: Lars Grunske and Irene Moser). Abstract.


Mark Gabel. Inferring Programmer Intent and Related Errors from Software. University of California at Davis (Sep 2011, advisor: Zhendong Su). Abstract.

Eugene Syriani. A Multi-Paradigm Foundation for Model Transformation Language Engineering. McGill University (Feb 4 2011, advisor: Hans Vangheluwe). Abstract.

Mohammad AL Asswad. Semantic Information Systems Engineering: A Query-based Approach for Semi-automatic Annotation of Web Services. Brunel University (Jul 19 2011, advisor: Mark Lycett). Abstract.

Catia Trubiani. Automated generation of architectural feedback from software performance analysis results. University of L'Aquila (Apr 18 2011, advisor: Vittorio Cortellessa). Abstract.

Amine Chigani. Campus Situational Awareness and Emergency Response Management System. Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (May 14 2011, advisor: Osman Balci). Abstract.

Anne Koziolek. Automated Improvement of Software Architecture Models for Performance and Other Quality Attributes. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Jul 14 2011, advisor: Ralf Reussner). Abstract.

Ridi Ferdiana. An extreme programming approach for global software development. Universitas Gadjah Mada (Oct 26 2011, advisor: Lukito Edi Nughroho and Paulus Insap Santosa and Ahmad Ashari). Abstract.

Yi Huang. Contract-based Synchronization of Multi-threaded Java Programs. Michigan State University (Dec 16 2011, advisor: Laura Dillon). Abstract.

Rahul Purandare. Exploiting Program and Property Structure for Efficient Runtime Monitoring. University of Nebraska (May 6 2011, advisor: Matthew B. Dwyer). Abstract.

Jiangfan Shi. Use of constraint solving for testing software product lines. University of Nebraska (Dec 2011, advisor: Matthew B. Dwyer and Myra B. Cohen). Abstract.

Neil Harrison. Improving quality attributes of software systems through software architecture patterns. University of Groningen (Apr 18 2011, advisor: Paris Avgeriou). Abstract.

Trosky Boris Callo Arias. Execution architecture views for evolving software-intensive systems. University of Groningen (Jun 17 2011, advisor: Paris Avgeriou and Pierre America). Abstract.

Philip Langer. Adaptable Model Versioning based on Model Transformation By Demonstration. Vienna University of Technology (Dec 21 2011, advisor: Gerti Kappel). Abstract.

Klaas-Jan Stol. Supporting Product Development with Software from the Bazaar. University of Limerick (Dec 1 2011, advisor: Muhammad Ali Babar and Paris Avgeriou and Brian Fitzgerald). Abstract.

Ziyad Alshaikh. Notes on the Synthesis of Context: a novel approach to model context in software engineering. Australian National University (Feb 2011, advisor: Clive Boughton). Abstract.

Kiev Gama. Towards Dependable Dynamic Component-based Application. Universite de Grenoble (Oct 6 2011, advisor: Didier Donsez). Abstract.

Arif Raza. A Usability Maturity Model for Open Source Software. University of Western Ontario (Jun 15 2011, advisor: Luiz Fernando Capretz). Abstract.

Hugo Sereno Ferreira. Adaptive Object-Modeling: Patterns, Tools and Applications. University of Porto, Faculty of Engineering (May 27 2011, advisor: Ademar Aguiar). Abstract.

Varun Gupta. Object-Oriented Static and Dynamic Software Metrics for Design and Complexity. National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, India (Mar 31 2011, advisor: Jitender Kumar Chhabra). Abstract.

Soo Ling Lim. Social Networks and Collaborative Filtering for Large-Scale Requirements Elicitation. University of New South Wales (Feb 3 2011, advisor: Anthony Finkelstein). Abstract.

William Tribbey. Construction and analysis of vector space models for use in aspect mining. Nova Southeastern University (Apr 2011, advisor: Frank Mitropoulos). Abstract.


Andrew Forward. The Convergence of Modeling and Programming: Facilitating the Representation of Attributes and Associations in the Umple Model-Oriented Programming Language. University of Ottawa (Oct 25 2010, advisor: Timothy C. Lethbridge). Abstract.

Paul Ralph. Fundamentals of Software Design Science. University of British Columbia (Oct 2010, advisor: Yair Wand). Abstract.

Antonio Miguel Rosado da Cruz. Automatic Generation of User Interfaces from Rigorous Domain and Use Case Models. Universidade do Porto (Sep 17 2010, advisor: Joao Pascoal Faria). Abstract.

Vinicius Garcia. RiSE Reference Model for Software Reuse Adoption in Brazilian Companies. Federal University of Pernambuco (Feb 26 2010, advisor: Silvio Romero de Lemos Meira and Eduardo Santana de Almeida). Abstract.

Foutse Khomh. Patterns and Quality of Object-oriented Software Systems. University of Montreal (Aug 31 2010, advisor: Yann-Gael Gueheneuc). Abstract.

Marco D'Ambros. On the Evolution of Source Code and Software Defects. University of Lugano (Oct 19 2010, advisor: Michele Lanza). Abstract.

Suresh Thummalapenta. Improving Software Productivity and Quality via Mining Source Code. North Carolina State University (Nov 23 2010, advisor: Tao Xie). Abstract.

Juncao Li. An Automata-Theoretic Approach to Hardware/Software Co-verification. Portland State University (Dec 10 2010, advisor: Fei Xie). Abstract.

Paolo Di Benedetto. A Framework For Context Aware Adaptable Software Applications And Services. Università degli Studi di L'Aquila (Jul 9 2010, advisor: Paola Inverardi). Abstract.

Toby Myers. The Foundations for a Scaleable Methodology for Systems Design. Griffith University (Nov 26 2010, advisor: R. Geoff Dromey). Abstract.

Lukas Renggli. Dynamic Language Embedding With Homogeneous Tool Support. University of Bern (Oct 20 2010, advisor: Oscar Nierstrasz). Abstract.

Rubén Mondéjar. Distributed AOP Middleware for Large-Scale Scenarios. Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Apr 29 2010, advisor: Pedro García-López). Abstract.

David Röthlisberger. Augmenting IDEs with Runtime Information for Software Maintenance. University of Bern (Jun 4 2010, advisor: Oscar Nierstrasz). Abstract.

Rangaswamy Selvarani. Design Quality Metrics in Object Oriented Software System. Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad (Feb 8 2010, advisor: T.R. Gopalakrishnan Nair). Abstract.

Bonita Sharif. Empirical Assessment of UML Class Diagram Layouts based on Architectural Importance. Kent State University (May 13 2010, advisor: Jonathan I. Maletic). Abstract.

Michel dos Santos Soares. Architecture-Driven Integration of Modeling Languages for the Design of Software-Intensive Systems. Delft University of Technology (Feb 2010, advisor: Alexander Verbraeck). Abstract.

Angshu Maan Sen. Multiple Perspectives of Elicitation of Requirements in Goal Oriented Requirements Engineering: An Agile Technique of Elicitation. Assam University, Silchar (May 13 2010, advisor: K. Hemachandran). Abstract.

Patricia Deshane. Managing the Copy-and-Paste Programming Practice. Clarkson University (Apr 30, 2010, advisor: Daqing Hou). Abstract.

Christian Murphy. Metamorphic Testing Techniques to Detect Defects in Applications without Test Oracles. Columbia University (May 2010, advisor: Gail Kaiser). Abstract.


Remco de Boer. Architectural Knowledge Management: Supporting Architects and Auditors. VU University Amsterdam (Oct 5 2009, advisor: Hans van Vliet and Patricia Lago). Abstract.

Laura-Cecilia Rodriguez-Martinez. Design and Evaluation of a Software Systems Life Cycle Process Model in the Service-oriented Software Engineering Paradigm. Autonomous University of Aguascalientes (Nov 12 2009, advisor: Manuel Mora). Abstract.

Angela Lozano. Assessing the effect of source code characteristics on changeability. Open University (Dec 17 2009, advisor: Michel Wermelinger and Bashar Nuseibeh). Abstract.

Mircea Lungu. Reverse Engineering Software Ecosystems. University of Lugano (Oct 2009, advisor: Michele Lanza). Abstract.

Jochen Quante. Dynamic Object Process Graphs. University of Bremen, Germany (Jan 30, 2009, advisor: Rainer Koschke). Abstract.

Rui Abreu. Spectrum-based Fault Localization in Embedded Software. Delft University of Technology (2009, advisor: Arjan van Gemund). Abstract.

Bruno Cabral. A Transactional Model for Automatic Exception Handling. University of Coimbra (Nov 26 2009, advisor: Paulo Marques). Abstract.

Mohammad Raunak. Resource Management In Complex and Dynamic Environments. University of Massachusetts Amherst (Sep 2009, advisor: Leon J. Osterweil). Abstract.

Joerg Rech. Context-sensitive Diagnosis of Quality Defects in Object-oriented Software Systems. University of Hildesheim (2009, advisor: Klaus-Dieter Althoff). Abstract.

Yingfei Xiong. A Language-based Approach to Model Synchronization in Software Engineering. The University of Tokyo (Sep 2009, advisor: Zhenjiang Hu and Masato Takeichi). Abstract.

Justin Erenkrantz. Computational REST: A New Model for Decentralized, Internet-Scale Applications. University of California, Irvine (Sep 2009, advisor: Richard N. Taylor). Abstract.

Donna Malayeri. Coding Without Your Crystal Ball: Unanticipated Object-Oriented Reuse. Carnegie Mellon University (Dec 2009, advisor: Jonathan Aldrich). Abstract.

Georgios Gousios. Tools and Methods for Large Scale Software Engineering Research. Athens University of Economics and Business (Apr 7 2009, advisor: Diomidis Spinellis). Abstract.

Eduardo Figueiredo. Concern-Oriented Heuristic Assessment of Design Stability. Lancaster University (Oct 23 2009, advisor: Jon Whittle and Alessandro Garcia). Abstract.

Lingxiao Jiang. Scalable Detection of Similar Code: Techniques and Applications. University of California, Davis (2009, advisor: Zhendong Su). Abstract.

Travis Breaux. Legal Requirements Acquisition for the Specification of Legally Compliant Information Systems. North Carolina State University (Apr 2009, advisor: Annie Anton). Abstract.

Eric Bodden. Verifying finite-state properties of large-scale programs. McGill University (Dec 28 2009, advisor: Laurie Hendren). Abstract.

Sayyed Maisikeli. Aspect Mining Using Self-Organizing Maps With Method Level Dynamic Software Metrics as Input Vectors. Nova Southeastern University (Jun 2009, advisor: Frank Mitropoulos). Abstract.

Adam Kiezun. Effective Software Testing with a String-Constraint Solver. MIT (2009, advisor: Michael D. Ernst). Abstract.

Dennis Jeffrey. Dynamic State Alteration Techniques for Automatically Locating Software Errors. The University of California, Riverside (Aug 2009, advisor: Rajiv Gupta). Abstract.


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