Niswonger Scholarship Essay Contests

Who wants to win some money? What would you do with $700? Are you the next George R. R. Martin or J. K. Rowling? Put your writing skills to the test and you could win big! is calling all students to show their literary genius, get published and win big! Your opportunity to win a cash scholarship is here, ready and waiting for you. Have no fear, put away your doubts because you don’t have to be an advanced writer to qualify. Grab your computer and let your imagination run wild onto those pages. This is your chance to make your creativity and imagination get the best of you. Still in doubt? Have some question for us? Check below for some answers.

Scholarship Essay Details and Frequently Asked Questions

When is the deadline for scholarship essay submission?

  • All scholarship essays must be sent by March 18, 2018
  • No entries will be accepted after this date.

Where or how can I submit my completed scholarship essay?

  • All scholarship essay submissions must be sent via email to as a Microsoft Word attachment. Any essay sent in the body of the email will automatically be disqualified.
  • Submit the following information at the top of your essay: your full name and your email address. Scholarship essays that do not have this information at the top will not be accepted.

Is there a word limit for the scholarship essay?

Essays should be between 500 – 700 words in length.

Who are the reviewers for the scholarship essay contest?

An experienced group of English teachers and editors will review and judge the essay submissions. Prior to submission for review, your name will be redacted to allow them to review the scholarship essay anonymously, thus ensuring an impartial and just review for all entries.

How many winners will be chosen for the scholarship essay writing contest and what are the prizes for each winner?

The judges will score and rank the top three winners, who will then be awarded as follows:

  • First prize – $700 scholarship
  • Second prize – $500 scholarship
  • Third prize – $300 scholarship

How and when will the winners of the scholarship essay contest be announced?

  • ConfidentWriters Scholarship Contest representative will notify the top three winners via email by March 27, 2018.
  • A congratulatory message with the names of these winners will also be published on ConfidentWriters website and its corresponding social media channels.

ConfidentWriters Scholarship Essay Contest Guidelines

Are you excited yet? The fun is about to start. Here we have a list of tantalizing topics for you to review. Choose your favourite and make sure you include the topic number along with your name and email address at the top of your essay. For example, make sure you submit in the below format:

Name: John Doe

Email address:

Topic: #3

Are you drowning in anticipation as yet? Do you want to hear what the topics are? Here they are:

TOPIC 1: Key leadership skills for career success
Explain what good leadership skills are and how they contribute to a successful career. You may also include which leadership skills aren’t good and how they may hinder career advancement.

TOPIC 2: How digital technology is changing classroom environment
Explain how digital technology is used in the classroom and the positive and negative impact it has.

TOPIC 3: The value of social media for education
Explain how social media is used for education, the positive and negative impact it has and how you believe the negative aspect(s) can be either solved or minimized.

TOPIC 4: Advantages and disadvantages of online learning
Explain what online learning is, the ways in which it can be done and the advantages and disadvantages.

TOPIC 5: How and why teachers should motivate students
Explain why teachers need to motivate students, strategies they can use to motivate them and the possible impact or end result of their motivation.

All submissions are winners as it takes courage and great talent to write these essays. Regardless of the end result, all our writers are commended for their effort. So, we encourage you to be fearless and have fun with your scholarship essay. Good luck to you all!

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