Credentialing Coordinator Cover Letter

Van Yoder
2909 Maryland Avenue
Feather Sound, FL 34622

Job Objective Searching for the right company in which my training as a Credentialing Specialist can help the organization progress and increase the cliental.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • Remarkable experience in healthcare credentialing
  • Huge knowledge of Credentialing Accreditation
  • Deep knowledge of health care and credentialing industry
  • Familiarity with professional telephone etiquette
  • Amazing ability to work with minimal supervision
  • Outstanding ability to manage multiple tasks
  • Superior customer service skills
  • Excellent communication skills

Professional Experience:

Credentialing Specialist
Tennessee-Nashville-Shared Services, Feather Sound, FL
May 2006 – Present

  • Aided credentialing process and intermediary with MSO.
  • Maintained all credentials files.
  • Reviewed collection of information received.
  • Analyzed potential red flags.

Credentialing Specialist
Scripps Mercy Hospital, Feather Sound, FL
March 2003 – April 2006

  • Managed primary source verification of new applicants.
  • Maintained accurate updated database.
  • Imparted quality oversight and analysis.
  • Aided travel to facilities and participated in Credentialing meetings
  • Coordinated with Medical Staff Coordinators and Managers.


Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Management
Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

Credentialing Specialist Resume Objective

Credentialing Specialists can be found working in a variety of healthcare facilities. They work to ensure that services meet the necessary state and federal standards. When preparing your resume, be sure to include a good, well-written objective statement that will successfully highlight your skills, expertise and relative experience. This will make employers want to read on and consider you a qualified candidate for the position.

What the Credentialing Specialist Resume Objective Should Tell Prospective Employers

A Credentialing Specialist consistently make sure that all medical personnel including doctors, assistants and other healthcare professionals comply with specific policies, regulations and laws. They can work in hospitals, doctors’ offices and ambulatory care. They are also in charge of processing accreditation and verification information and keeping the databases accurate. They check for accuracy in paperwork and applications as well. These specialists must communicate with practitioners and ensure their records are up to date. A Credentialing Specialist should have extensive knowledge of the credentialing process as well as attention to detail and good communication skills.

Sample Credentialing Specialist Resume Objectives

When you create your objective statement, remember to include your specific skills and experience to show employers what you are capable of. Also, include a company name in your statement. Here are some example objectives:

1. Looking to secure a position as a Credentialing Specialist with (company name) that enables the use of exceptional communication skills and experience in the field.

2. Organized, detail-oriented individual with 10+ years of experience seeking a Credentialing Specialist position with (company name).

3. Focused, motivated individual with five years of experience and extensive knowledge of the credentialing process and good communication skills looking to secure a position as a Credentialing Specialist with (company name).

4. Seeking a Credentialing Specialist position with (company name) that will allow for the use of exceptional communication and organizational skills as well as two years of experience in credentialing.

5. Searching for a position as a Credentialing Specialist with (company name) that will enable an individual with great attention to detail and communication skills to benefit the organization.

Head over to LiveCareer’s Resume Builder for more help with writing a resume objective.


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