Private Wealth Management Case Study

Jackie Pang, Executive director and team leader, Coutts Hong Kong

Pang graduated with a degree in Commercial Economics in the Netherlands, followed by an MSc in Financial Management from the University of London. She has worked at Coutts for seven years.

After returning to Hong Kong in 1997, I first worked for ABN Amro Bank – it was a natural choice as I knew my Dutch-Chinese background would be advantageous at a Dutch bank in Hong Kong.

When I joined Coutts, I had to get used to a new culture. As always, with changes came new challenges, and although the initial going may have been tough, I came out the other side a stronger person and, I believe, a more accomplished banker.

I currently lead a team of private bankers and assistants and manage a large book of clients with a minimum of US$3m assets under management per relationship.

I enjoy the interpersonal relationships involved in managing my clients’ books and leading my team. I also enjoy being exposed to different areas of the bank and the variety of work.

My clients are people I have known over a long period of time. In many cases, I know the entire family. Some see me as their family advisor, akin to a family doctor. I enjoy sharing with my team members and supporting them in developing their careers. I also enjoy being part of the strategic planning team for the bank.

Always think for your clients and be there for them. As trusted advisors, one of our
responsibilities is to assess the investment, financial and political environment, consider the risks and opportunities, and advise and propose solutions for clients. The industry has learnt the lesson of the recent financial turmoil and clients are similarly more aware of risk management, so it is important to provide advice on investments with measurable risks aligned to the client’s investment appetite.

The industry today is very different from when I started. Asia is home to eight of the world’s 10
fastest growing high-net-worth populations, but only a small part of that wealth is managed by professional wealth managers. This clearly means there are opportunities to capture a greater slice of the action.

Tolleson Private Bank offers a variety of services to meet your needs. Our case studies represent some of the solutions we can provide to help make your banking experience custom and convenient.


The Challenge: A client wants to purchase a second home without having to liquidate assets for the down payment.

The Solution: Tolleson Private Bank can provide a mortgage for 100% of the purchase price, using a pledge of the client’s investment assets as additional collateral for the equity contribution.

In this situation, the client would close on time and keep his assets invested. This arrangement also allows the client to provide his equity contribution and avoid forced liquidation of assets and capital gains tax.


The Challenge: A client is purchasing an aircraft and would like to use financing. The client’s existing bank has been delaying and still does not have final loan approval. The terms have changed more than once and the closing deadline is approaching.

The Solution: This client calls Tolleson Private Bank for help. Once he provides a personal financial statement, a Tolleson Private banker can call an aircraft broker to discuss the value of the plane. The banker is able to walk down the hall and discuss the loan with the bank president and chairman. Approval is given the same day based upon the significant financial wherewithal of the client and pending an appraisal confirming the aircraft value.

Tolleson Private Bank offers quick service so the client can meet the contractual obligations for closing due to the quick approval and overall turnaround time.


The Challenge: A client needs liquidity for a new private equity investment in a startup bio-technology firm. Currently, his excess liquidity is fully invested in Tolleson Wealth Management private partnerships.

The Solution: Tolleson Private Bank can extend a line of credit to the client that is secured by Tolleson Wealth Management’s private partnerships.

The client is then able to invest in the startup without having to liquidate his existing investments.


The Challenge: A client is building his dream home, but is concerned about structuring multiple loans and monitoring the construction over an 18-month period.

The Solution: Tolleson Private Bank can offer a one-time close construction loan to fund the construction draws for the 18 months and then automatically convert to a standard mortgage upon completion.

The client would be able get the financing he wants for the construction and permanent mortgage with a single transaction. Tolleson Private Bank can actively monitor construction draws, compare them to the budget and inspect the pace of completion to ensure the project would remain on track.


The Challenge: A client is buying a commercial property for the headquarters of a new start-up company. The company has no operating history, but has the potential for significant cash flow in the near future.

The Solution: Tolleson Private bank can finance the purchase of the new property based upon the collateral value and the personal guarantee of the client.

In this situation, the company can maintain ownership of the liability and use company cash flow to service the debt. The client’s substantial financial wherewithal allows for a quick and easy close for the start-up.


The Challenge: A client’s son just graduated college and plans to buy a business to run. He has limited personal assets outside of his interest in the family limited partnership.

The Solution: Tolleson Private Bank can review all of the entity documentation to offer a loan to the son with the guarantee of the family limited partnership and secured with the family limited partnership’s interest in Tolleson Wealth Management investment partnerships.

Thus, the client’s son would be able to access the liquidity needed to purchase the business. The structure used by Tolleson Private Bank in this situation preserves the family limited partnership structure and existing estate plan.

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